NorTrials Clinical Immunology

The NorTrials centre for clinical immunology is located at Stavanger University Hospital.


Clinical immunology is a cross-disciplinary field that includes chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. These conditions are caused or characterized by the patients' own immune system and exist within several different disciplines. Disease mechanisms and the genetic basis for some of these diseases have certain common features, and new immunomodulating drugs, both biological and synthetic, are therefore often used across disciplines. The clinical immunology research group at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) has collaborated multidisciplinary for a number of years. Together with the well-established clinical research unit at SUS, we will coordinate and facilitate increased participation in clinical trials within autoimmune diseases and inflammation in Norway.

Centre Lead: Roar Omdal

Executive Centre Lead Inger Marie Skoie​

NorTrials Inflammation


Inger Marie Skoie

Last updated 8/22/2023