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The NorTrials center for brain health and neurological diseases is located at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen.



NorTrials Brain Health covers a broad field that including neurological diseases with focus on multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, headache, epilepsy, as well as pediatric neurology, brain cancer, and psychiatry with psychoses and mood disorders. 

The NorTrials centre aims to provide a prompt and reliable response to industry inquiries promoting for participation in clinical trials. The goal is to include Norwegian hospitals in relevant studies to ensure that the participating centres deliver the expected number of patients and quality according to agreements with sponsors. This will market Norway as a reliable partner for clinical trials and promote increased Norwegian participation in international drug trials.


The NorTrials Brain Health centre is located at the Department for Research and Development at Haukeland University Hospital, in close collaboration with Neuro-SysMed (Centre of Excellence for Clinical Treatment Research) and the Clinical Research Unit for Children and Adults. The centre has broad expertise and long experience in drug trials and clinical studies and will facilitate the placement of studies in hospitals with the right expertise and access to relevant patient populations.

Patient Population

According to the Norwegian Directorate of Health (2017), one in three people in Norway will develop a brain disease during their lifetime. The centre aims to facilitate the recruitment of hospitals and patients for clinical studies across Norway, with a total population of 5.5 million.


NorTrials Brain Health has established a nationwide network of experts in each disease area, both at university hospitals and local hospitals. This ensures a rapid response to requests for study participation.

"Through these networks, we will be able to collaborate to ensure swift and effective inclusion in studies involving participation from Norwegian hospitals. In all disease areas, there is experience in conducting both pharmaceutical industry and academic treatment studies, from phase I-IV studies, although predominantly from phase III studies," explains centre lead Kjell-Morten Myhr.

MS – Øivind Torkildsen 

ALS – Ole-Bjørn Tysnes

Parkinson's disease – Charalampos Tzoulis (Haris)

Dementia – Kristoffer HaugarvollRagnhild Eide Skogseth

Brain tumour – Anette StorsteinTerje SundstrømTor-Christian Aase Johannessen 

Stroke – Annette FrommNicola Logallo

Headache – Marte Bjørk 

Epilepsy – Marte Bjørk 

Neuropaediatrics – Omar Hikmat 

Psychoses – Erik Johnsen

Mood disorders – Ketil Ødegaard 

Study Experience and Delivery

Norwegian neurologists, study nurses, and hospitals have participated in clinical studies since the early 1990s. 

Multiple Sclerosis 

More diagnoses will be listed soon!

Staff and Contact Information

Portrait Kjell Morten Myhr

Kjell Morten Myhr

Centre Lead

Portrait Ashwini Sethupathy

Ashwini Sethupathy


Portrait Sigrun Hjelle

Sigrun Margrethe Hjelle


Portrait of Kari Anne Seime

Kari Anne Seime



NorTrials Brain Health

Last updated 6/26/2024