NorTrials is a national partnership to increase the number of clinical trials in Norway. NorTrials contributes to a more efficient infrastructure and increased collaboration on industry-funded clinical trials in Norway.

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NorTrials Feasibility Portal

NorTrials Feasibility Portal is a national entry point for companies that want to initiate clinical trials in Norway, with access to all Norwegian hospitals,.

NorTrials Feasibility Portal
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What is NorTrials?

NorTrials is a partnership between the regional health authorities and the organisations for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
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NorTrials Centres

NorTrials has established six dedicated clinical research centres within defined therapeutic areas. 

NorTrials Centres
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    29. august 2023
    NorTrials Meeting in Amsterdam

    On 26 August, the third international meeting between representatives from the Norwegian healthcare system and international pharma and medical device industry was successfully arranged, within the field of cardiology.

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    24. august 2023
    Roadmap for the Healthcare Industry

    The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Health and Care Services presented their new Roadmap for the Healthcare Industry on 23 August.

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    2. august 2023
    New Cooperation Agreements Between Industry and the Regional Health Authorities

    In June 2023, new, identical cooperation agreements were signed between the regional health authorities and The Pharmaceutical Industry (LMI) and Melanor (the industry association for medtech and lab), respectively. The agreements ensure that interaction between the parties takes place in a professionally and ethically correct manner.