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NorTrials Centres

  • Illustration - doctor examines patient
    NorTrials Brain Health

    The NorTrials center for brain health and neurological diseases is located at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen.

  • Illustration cancer
    NorTrials Cancer

    The NorTrials Center for Cancer is located at Oslo University Hospital.

  • Illustration cardiovascular
    NorTrials Cardiovascular

    The NorTrials center for cardiovascular diseases is located at Akershus University Hospital (Ahus).

  • Illustration inflammation
    NorTrials Clinical Immunology

    The NorTrials centre for clinical immunology is located at Stavanger University Hospital.

  • Illustration: A doctor examines a patient
    NorTrials Gastrointestinal

    The NorTrials center for gastrointestinal diseases is located at the University Hospital of North Norway, Tromsø.

  • Diagram
    NorTrials Medical Devices

    The NorTrials center for medical devices is located at St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim University Hospital.

Last updated 8/9/2023