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It has long been a political goal in Norway to strengthen health research and give more patients access to new treatment through clinical trials. In the state budget for 2021, the government proposed to allocate funds to establish NorTrials as a mutually binding partnership for clinical trials. The assignment to establish NorTrials was given to the regional health authorities and is described in the National Action Plan for Clinical Trials in January 2021.

NorTrials offers a national point of entry for clinical trials for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Six NorTrials centres have been established in specific areas, selected in collaboration with the industry. Each selected NorTrials centre will receive annual support for a five-year period. The funds will finance support functions, accreditation and competency measures. The trials are assumed to be fully financed by the industry.

NorTrials will also provide funding to establish positions for dedicated study personnel, corresponding to a total of 10-15 man-years.

Through NorTrials, funds have been set aside to market Norway as a preferred country for clinical trials in collaboration with Innovation Norway, the hospitals’ technology transfer offices and the industry.​​

NorTrials was officially launched 20 May 2022.

Last updated 4/13/2023