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New Communications Advisor at NorTrials

Eline Feiring (48) will assist NorTrials Coordinating Unit with professional communication services in a 20% position.

Published 10/20/2023
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Feiring currently works as a communications advisor in Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI), and will now split her position between LMI and NorTrials 80/20. She will assist as an advisor and discussion partner in matters that require communication expertise, as well as assist with content and publication on NorTrials' websites and social media platforms. The position is a consultant position.

Feiring is a trained journalist and has worked at LMI for 8 years. Previously, she worked as a research journalist in The Journal of The Norwegian Medical Association for 12 years and as a news reporter in P4 Radio for 3 years.

- I am looking forward to becoming part of Signe and Ellen's team, with whom I have already had the pleasure of collaborating a lot. The creation of NorTrials has also been an important milestone for my current employer, and representatives of LMI's member companies are members in the NorTrials board. Clinical trials have been one of my fields of work for most of the 8 years I have worked at LMI, so I am well aware of both the challenges and opportunities in this area. It feels important to be able to work so that more Norwegian patients can participate in clinical trials, says Feiring.