Regional NorTrials Meeting in Central Norway

On Thursday 20 April, study personnel from all hospitals in Central Norway Regional Health Authority were gathered in Trondheim. Each of the NorTrials centre leaders gave an account of the establishment of their centre and further plans for national network building within their therapy areas.

Published 4/21/2023
The six NorTrials centre leads and the audience

In addition to the centre leaders, a representative from the Central Norway Regional Health Authority, Björn Gustafsson, as well as one  from the pharmaceutical industry, Sandrine Queré (Roche), were present to give us an insight into their perspectives on the NorTrials initiative.

​This was the second of four regional meetings, where the goal is to get an even closer collaboration between the hospitals and the NorTrials centres. 

The next region to be visited by the centre leaders is Western Norway (Bergen, 25 May) and Northern Norway (Tromsø, 16 June).