NorTrials Coordinating Unit

NorTrials Coordinating Unit will act as "one point of entry" for the healthcare industry and facilitate best practice for industry collaboration and clinical trials in the hospitals.

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NorTrials Coordinating Unit has two main tasks:

  • Coordination and follow-up of the NorTrials initiative
  • A single point of contact for clinical trials from the healthcare industry 

The coordinating unit will serve as a national node for the development and dissemination of good and effective working methods. The unit will contribute to building up the necessary competence in the hospitals to carry out clinical trials with industry sponsors.

NorTrials Coordinating Unit collaborates closely with NorCRIN and the hospitals' technology transfer offices and research support departments.

The unit is located at Oslo University Hospital.

Contact us at contactnortrials@ous-hf.no.

Last updated 8/22/2023